Saturday, 28 November 2015

Escape Room Melbourne (ERM) - Surveillance Division 5

This review is a little different to most of my reviews.  Rather than try this room, we beta tested it with Owen Spear, who along with Ali Cheetham has designed each of the rooms at Escape Room Melbourne (and the the rooms at EscapeXperience).  

The game was in its early stages of design and testing.  I won't go into the details of the puzzles at all, other than to provide a general overview of this particular room (which is taken from their website):

Melbourne’s newest and most inventive escape experience.  Following a booked-out debut at Federation Square earlier this year, ERM’s escape van has returned to the streets to form part of Australia’s only indoor/outdoor escape room experience.  Sleuth your way around the backstreets of 1960s Melbourne to find the keys to a rogue ASIO surveillance van – but who are they watching, and why? Once inside, your mission will be clear.  Can you get in and out in time (90 minutes) to gather the evidence you need?

Some spoiler-free comments I can make are:

·         the premise is that you need to first find the “room” and then break into that room (which sort of turns the escape room concept on its head, which we loved);
·         for those of you who have tried geocaching before, there is a little bit of that in this escape room (which was a lot of fun);
·         we were able to see most of the puzzles and test different aspects.  There were several puzzles (prototypes) we had never before seen in any other escape rooms in Melbourne or Sydney – home-made puzzles are always the best; and
·         we had a lot of fun, which is always the measure of a great room.

We had heaps of fun and really appreciated the opportunity of beta testing this room.  I’m sure everyone is going to really enjoy this room (which I think has now officially opened).

Where:                          Starting point is somewhere in Flemington

Duration:                      90 minutes

Themes:                       4 rooms (2 in Flemington, 2 in South Melbourne

$165 (flat rate per team)

Overall Summary:        An “escape room” like no other – great fun!

More details:       

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