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For those of you who have never read one of my reviews before, I should probably introduce myself.  My name is Scott and I'm an escape room addict.  It all started with a multi-location "mystery tour" that I did in Vegas in about 2009 - it wasn't quite an escape room (in that you weren't trying to escape a room per se), but it had many similar puzzle elements and it was truly awesome.  When I heard that escape rooms had hit the Australian market, I tried one and at the time of writing this blog entry (less than 12 months after trying my first room in Sydney), I have now tried 30 rooms.

I try all rooms with the same team - my wife and our 2 friends (also a couple) in our early/mid 30s.  Each of us has different skills to offer (which is important in an escape room team) - the lateral thinker, the "maths/science" person, the person who has a light touch and can open any lock thrown at them, etc.  After having done so many rooms, I'm now comfortable describing our team as "experienced" or "expert" in the ways of escaping from an escape room.

My reviews are spoiler free and I try to be fair at all times.  However, like any other person, I am biased - I'm attracted to certain themes more than others (which means I'm naturally more likely to enjoy certain rooms over others).

I have historically used a 5 number rating system when reviewing rooms.  However, I've now formed the view that this system is not overly useful - comparing escape rooms is like comparing apples and oranges in many respects.  So I'm going to try something a little different going forward.

As always, the most important element for any escape room for me is the fun factor (theming, immersion, quality/variety of puzzles are all important too!).

Send me a note or post comments if you have the time - I'm always keen to hear if others had different experiences to me in the rooms I'm reviewing.

Also check out my Sydney-based escape room blog for those who are interested in checking out the best escape rooms that Sydney has to offer:


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