Sunday, 29 November 2015

Escape Room Melbourne (ERM) - Flemington

My group of friends (4 adults) checked out Escape Room Melbourne’s (ERM’s) original Flemington room in November 2015.  This was our 29th escape room so far in Australia and our ninth escape room in Melbourne.

Iain and Owen were our game masters – they are both clearly enthusiastic about providing genuinely immersive experiences for all players.

I had been looking forward to this room for such a long time.  I had seen this room on TV and on YouTube with various celebrity teams having gone through it.

And it didn’t disappoint.  All of my comments on this room are positive, as follows:
  • this was a frikkin’ awesome room in every way;
  • the theming was phenomenal – it was a really cool room theme which was matched by the props and puzzles within the room;
  • the puzzles were all incredibly creative and all were home-made.  This room was the first escape room (to my knowledge) to open in Australia and some 18 months later, it still has some of the best puzzles we have seen hands down.  They were thematic, clever, really varied and a crap-load of fun;
  • this room had a great mix of hunt and seek fun and puzzle solving;
  • the use of walkie talkies for communication was simple but effective;
  • the game master was really enthusiastic about the rooms; and 
  • we managed to escape in record time (25 minutes).  Owen told us that some 1200 teams had gone through this room, so we were really pleased to equal the record of 25 minutes.  Normally I would mark a room down when we escape so quickly, but I think our team was just on fire and we seemed to be in synch with each of the puzzles (no doubt because we had just tried 5 other rooms designed by Owen Spears (and his partner Ali Cheetham) in the space of 2 days!).  This room is full of a heap of puzzles – our team was busy in different corners working separately on puzzles, which is how we escaped so quickly.

This room was beyond awesome.  Personally, it was my favourite room in Melbourne (of the 9 we tried).  It was a really awesome way to finish our long weekend of escape rooms in Melbourne.

Where:                          9 Lee Street, Flemington

Duration:                      60 minutes

Themes:                       4 rooms (2 in Flemington, 2 in South Melbourne)

$132 (team of 4)

Overall Summary:        The original escape room and in many ways the best!!

More details:       


  1. Agree with your review. Have done pretty much every room in Oz and the Flemington room was the absolute standout. Our host Sam was awesome and clearly has a love for puzzles. And yes, originals usually are the best!
    We got out in 42 minutes with a gentle nudge from Sam when we got a little stuck on one particular puzzle (over thinking lol). Happy future escaping everybody!

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